Monday, July 14, 2014


I have decided to make something which is in complete contrast to the cold cold dreary weather we are having here in South Australia!

Enter Kwik Sew 3372, view B, minus the piping in a cheery floral cotton.

I have so many sewing projects to share, I will upload them all over the next few days!

Happy crafting,

Erin :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm 30!

So, today I turned the big 3-0! Well, I kind of turned 30 - a crappy leap year birthday means that this year I didn't get to celebrate on the actual day. Hmmm…does that mean I can say that I didn't really turn 30?!

My husband and family are awesome and I got absolutely spoiled.

A fantastic dehydrator (which is making apple cinnamon chips as I type this), an awesome food processor and a Simplicity Deluxe piping and bias binding maker are just a few of the amazing things I was surprised with!

Heidi was pretty excited to get to stay up after her bath and get the apple chips started - and to eat them as I cut them up!!

Well, just thought I would share as I enter a new decade of my life!

I hope that you all had a fantastic non-leap year day today :)

Erin :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

MAGAM February goal

Hi :)

This months goal is motivated by my goal to not buy any new clothes this year and make them instead! Hmm…bit of a goal considering I'm brand new to making clothes. But onward and upward...

So, this month I am aiming to make New Look 6697 in a shiny spotted fabric with a little stretch. I'll pop in to spotlight and look at what it is actually called and note it in my post when I finish it.

I'm a bit nervous about this one because I plan on wearing it to a wedding in 1 weeks time! But I figure that is good motivation to get it finished and to really put effort in to it being a nice fitting garment.

Fingers Crossed!

Erin :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maria Denmark Kimono T-Shirt

I really LOVE this pattern. I mean, these pictures aren't the best, and there are definitely changes I need to make to fit me better, but overall I think this is a fantastic, super fast, basic tee pattern.

And its FREE!

So, here is my Maria Denmark Kimono T-shirt - made with a 95% Polyester 5% Elastane knit I picked out of the remnants bin on impulse at Spotlight and cost me next to nothing who knows how long ago!

Oh my goodness is this fabric SLIPPERY to work with!!! But once I got the hang of it we became friends.

When I first did a straight cut and sew of the largest size I found the neckline just too high for me, especially since the rest of the top was so loose.

So feeling all fancy and confident I took it to the sewing table and thought 'No worries, I'll just take off the neck binding, make a new one, cut the neck line lower and sew it back on…eeessyyyy!!!'

Famous last words - unpicking stretch stitches in shiny fabric SUCKS! But hey, I persevered and managed to re-work the neck line. Its not perfect by any means, but much better.

Here I am wearing it with THE WORST SKIRT EVER! which just makes my tummy look so so terrible and as though this is tight, but its actually the waistband of the skirt sticking out. (Thats my story and Im sticking to it!)

There is some definite bunching at the back but nowhere near as bad as this skirt makes it look.

My main issue is after removing the old neck band, cutting and sewing on a  new one I seem to have a pretty noticeable sag/gape at the back of the neck? Any suggestions? Was my neck band/ribbing/whatcha-ma-call-it not tight enough?

(man, this picture looks like I'm a rugby player!)

Anyway, its super comfy and totally wearable so win win to me.

Im going to make up another and make a few changes (mainly the neckline) and will post pics when that is done - which should be in a day or two - it takes about an hour and a half for a newbie like me to make this top from cutting to wearing it finished.

OK, Im off to look up some skirt patterns for basic skirts that can be worn every day which aren't horribly unflattering like the one in these pictures. Any suggestions welcome!

Happy Crafting,
Erin :)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Imagine Gnats Bess tops - MAGAM January finish!

Yay! I finished my top for MAGAM and LOVE IT!

Its Imagine Gnats Bess Top and it was just wonderful to make.

I chose to make the top version but then when I was cutting out the pieces chose the tunic length and its turned out just the right length (I think their tunic length is what I call a normal top length so if I make the tunic version I will be adding length to that too). Im constantly picking up the kids and don't want to have to worry about my tummy showing or having to wear a cami underneath.

The fabric I chose for my top was a cotton voile. And since I loved it so so much I made a second in a beautiful soft rayon.

(Speaking of Rayon - boy did I learn a lesson - it FRAYS!!!!! Finishing all the seams is a MUST!)

There is definitely some swayback (I think thats the term?) in both the tops - I don't think its something anyone would really notice but I might look up how to eliminate it in future versions.

I love both of my tops and have been wearing them both happily all the time. I will be making a couple more - this top is just a fantastic wardrobe basic - super comfy for running after the kids but still nice and smart looking so I'm not constantly looking like a frumpy mummy!

Hmmmm…Now to choose what I will make for my February MAGAM.

Happy Crafting
Erin :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simple Summer Skirt for Heidi and change of SAGAM plans

Hi :)

Its getting HOT! (46C tomorrow!!!) so I decided to make Heidi a nice cool summer skirt. Of course, because I wanted to ensure she actually wore it, I made it purple!

I simply measured her waist before she went to bed last night then made the width 1.5 times her waist measurement, eyeballed the length etc. and after about half an hour I had a skirt for her to wear today!

Ooh, and because I LOVED the nice cool fabric and didn't want to waste good leftovers, I made one for her baby too!

It was a hit so Heidi is happy and I am happy because its simple, cool and will go with everything!

In other news…

For a number of reasons my skirt fabric for SAGAM and I have decided to call it quits and go our separate ways. Instead of choosing different skirt fabric, I am changing my plan completely and instead making Imagine Gnats Bess Top!

I've measured myself up and cut out a 14 (gah - time to hit the treadmill!!) and will be making it out of a nice light cotton lawn - hopefully it turns out to be a nice breezy top.

If your in South Australia I hope you all stay cool and safe over the next couple of days.

Happy Crafting!

Erin :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Make a garment a month challenge!! (January goal)

Happy New Year!!

This year, as well as finally making some of the quilt ideas I have going around my head I really want to learn to sew clothes for myself that don't look like my 3yo has thrown them together!

So, I have joined up with the Make A Garment A Month Challenge and I am so excited!

Ive never really made any clothes before - I have dabbled in making clothes for the girls which I definitely want to do more of - but never really anything for myself!

I'm starting off with Simplicity 2226 as my January goal (View A).

I really like this fabric - I mean, its so ugly, but I love its ugliness!? Its a shiny, soft cotton - I'm sure it has a proper name - I told you I'm new at this!

I have read great reviews of this skirt on Pattern Review so fingers crossed it works out as something I can wear. I really would like to own more skirts since I hardly have any and apparently this one is good for beginners!

Happy Crafting every one!

Erin :)