Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A ruffle top for Lorelei

Hi :)

So, I want to make some tops for the girls now that we are getting in to summer weather (Finally!!!)

I came across this tutorial and decided to follow it roughly - since the tutorial is for a size five and Lorelei is 6 months old! (Plus I didn't actually read the tutorial, I just went by the pictures making the rest up as I went)

I LOVE how it turned out and now that I have made a bit of a tester and can see things I need to change I will definitely be making a heap of these for both the girls.

I didn't think the straps were wide enough so I added a little lighter fabric ruffle underneath which I actually really like and I think I will keep in future versions.

Overall I give this two thumbs up and Im sure you will be seeing more of them on my blog soon!

Happy Sewing,

Erin :)

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Michele said...

Love this top :-) Such cute sewing for the girls!!