Thursday, September 26, 2013

T-Shirts to dresses

Hi :)

Yesterday my mum dropped off a few t-shirts she had just picked up from Target for Heidi as casual run-around tops.

They were great and I totally planned on just washing them and using them as they were...then I saw this post and HAD.TO.TRY.IT!

So I crossed my fingers that it worked out and that I wouldn't have to tell my mum that I ruined a top she had just bought that day, and cut the bottom off the shirt, about 2 inches below the armpits.

I used a purple satin and then a thinner glittery fabric over the top and followed the instructions - the goal being to make Heidi a 'princess dress' that she could get on and off herself and wasn't too over the top!

I LOVE IT! I didn't do the pleats and just went with a simple gather all the way around. Then for a little something extra I made a ribbon bow and stitched it to the top.

Needless to say when Heidi woke up this morning to find this hanging up she flipped...I mean, purple and sparkles are sure to make her smile but put them together and she is in little three year old girl heaven!

But its virtually impossible to get a picture of her standing still! (so excited that she still has her pyjama pants on underneath!)

So, once I made one I was hooked. Besides, the first had only taken half an hour tops and it was still pretty early so I cut up another top and was stoked to use up some fabric I have had in my stash for YEARS! (no idea where I got it or what it is..but don't know what I imagined I was going to make for myself with less than half a meter!)

 I really love this. Perfect for a casual every day dress. And its Heidi approved!

After managing to get her 'princess dress' off her so she could be a crazy toddler outside, she has been wearing this all day and is currently fast asleep in it having her nap!

I love when things like this turn out, especially when it results in huge gorgeous three year old smiles!

Happy crafting,
Erin :)


Erin said...

oh, man those are CUTE! thanks so much for commenting on my post so I could come over and check them out. I make these kinds of dresses all the time for my girl. great way to make use of an old tee, and some random fabric you might have lying around!

Michele said...

Really, really cute Erin! Great job :-)