Friday, January 3, 2014

Make a garment a month challenge!! (January goal)

Happy New Year!!

This year, as well as finally making some of the quilt ideas I have going around my head I really want to learn to sew clothes for myself that don't look like my 3yo has thrown them together!

So, I have joined up with the Make A Garment A Month Challenge and I am so excited!

Ive never really made any clothes before - I have dabbled in making clothes for the girls which I definitely want to do more of - but never really anything for myself!

I'm starting off with Simplicity 2226 as my January goal (View A).

I really like this fabric - I mean, its so ugly, but I love its ugliness!? Its a shiny, soft cotton - I'm sure it has a proper name - I told you I'm new at this!

I have read great reviews of this skirt on Pattern Review so fingers crossed it works out as something I can wear. I really would like to own more skirts since I hardly have any and apparently this one is good for beginners!

Happy Crafting every one!

Erin :)


creations.1 said...

You will do fine with it Erin - your chosen fabric looks really vintage - like from the 60's/70's!!!

Sarah Liz said...

Yes, I was also going to say this looks like a retro print - fun and funky. If you can sew quilts, you can sew clothes - just take your time. And it might be a good idea to look up the pattern Sewing Pattern Review - to see what other people have to say about making up this pattern.